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Follow-up Friday #14!


Thousands of measurements and exercise progressions later, Olivia was at a stunning 137o! Let’s see where this week takes her…

Flexion = 137°

No, that is not a typo! Hey, don’t sweat it, Olivia! At this stage in the game, maintenance is just as good as improvement. Plus at 98% of her range of motion (yes, I just did that math in my head… 137 of 140), all basic daily functions and recreational activities are doable. But to be sure, we’ll keep trying to reestablish those last 3 degrees. Why? Because I want her to be able to twerk like a champ! And everyone knows that takes the full 140o!

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Follow-up Friday #7!


The new goal set by her surgeon was 115°. How close is Olivia today?

Flexion = 112°

After her biking and going through her exercise program, her post-activity range measured out to 117°. Bow-chicka-wow-wow! That goes to show that you really get things loosening up and blood circulating with some exercise. Now dubbed the lunge pro (aka “the LP”), Olivia is rocking out her squats, lunges, and monster walks to restore that gorgeous pre-injury beach bod!

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Follow-up Friday #5!


Another week of hard work and physio later, Olivia’s knee now measures:

Flexion = 101°

Can I get a “what what” for this lady! Olivia is now just a little bit closer to that ultimate goal of full flexion. I have to give her credit for not complaining when we make an exercise a bit tougher. Bike, exercise, sweat, repeat!

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Follow-up Friday #2

Guys, I took a picture of Olivia’s knee today but just realized that I had the goniometer backwards. My bad, I thought it was “backwards-inside-out-reverse” day! Although I admit my fault, I will not be posting my terribly unprofessional photo because I’m a little type A haha. Apologies! But I can tell you that her knee is at…

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Welcome to Follow-Up Fridays!

Today, I want to introduce to you a new feature called Follow-Up Friday! I recently chatted with one of my patients about doing a weekly update on her progress at physio. Without me having to beg or grovel, she willingly agreed to be part of our learning experience! A round of applause please!

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