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My new favourite workout partner: The WaterRower

Born and raised in Edmonton, I am no stranger to the long winters Mother Nature so kindly provides us. To be honest, I don’t mind our winters – playing shinny at the ODR with friends and snowboarding in the Rockies are two of my favourite activities. But I’m also aware that it can be freezing cold and really icy which doesn’t allow for many bike rides around my neighbourhood. So in anticipation of winter, I ordered this beauty a month ago in effort to stay fit while the bears hibernate. Those bears will never get me!

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Follow-up Friday #5!


Another week of hard work and physio later, Olivia’s knee now measures:

Flexion = 101°

Can I get a “what what” for this lady! Olivia is now just a little bit closer to that ultimate goal of full flexion. I have to give her credit for not complaining when we make an exercise a bit tougher. Bike, exercise, sweat, repeat!

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Physical therapy treatment: Exercise!


Let’s get back to Brad!

Now that we have determined that Brad is dealing with patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), we can start creating a treatment plan. It’s important for us, as physiotherapists, to explain what the different treatment approaches are and why they are effective. There are many tools in a physio’s toolbox that can be used to “fix” a problem. We don’t always use all our tools because certain methods have a greater impact than others depending on the type of injury we are dealing with.

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