My new read: Becoming a Supple Leopard

tumblr_nauez7bCL21tide6do1_1280I spent my weekend doing some wild things like:

  1. Riding my mountain bike.
  2. Going grocery shopping.
  3. Watching Arsenal scrape out a draw against Everton.
  4. Eating ice cream.
  5. And most importantly, reading this awesome book!

Becoming a Supple Leopard by Dr. Kelly Starrett (on Twitter as @mobilitywod) is about human movement and ways to restore proper function to prevent injury. It’s a pity that I am an embarrassingly slow reader. So I apologize that it might take me a while to share all the golden nuggets that Kelly has to offer. But trust me, I am writing down everything of merit (in “Notes” on my iPhone, oh how technology has changed me) to share with you!

I am only a few chapters in and this, so far, is the mantra that I love the most:

“You may get away with poor form at first, but poor mechanics will ultimately come down hard in the form of pain and injury. Sacrificing goof form will cannibalize your potential benefits”

Thanks, Kelly! Now don’t mind me, I’m signing off to continue reading (and maybe do more wild things like brush my teeth and sleep)!

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