Injuries from around the NFL

The nerd inside of me thinks about all of the injuries and hours spent at rehab as I sit on my couch watching the Super Bowl rematch on this glorious Sunday (go Seahawks!). Even the commentators of this morning’s game between the Redskins and Eagles recognized that the medical staff for both teams will have their work cut out for them. Combined, he Redskins and Eagles had 10 players go down with injury, of which 4 returned. And that doesn’t include Eagles’ quarterback, Nick Foles (the guy who gets mashed below), who was clearly in distress after getting hit a few times.


It’s no surprise that players get hurt as often as they do. After all, these huge hulking guys make money slamming into other huge hulking guys. Every year I catch myself saying, “Man, there are so many injuries this year!” And it doesn’t matter what end of the spectrum a player might land on – whether he’s the franchise guy or a young pup barely hanging onto the 53rd spot on the roster – anyone can get hurt at any given time. If an athlete gets hurt, it can have a huge impact on his career longevity, his team’s Super Bowl chances, and even your fantasy football team’s success.

imrs.phpSeeing as I have an interest in injuries and also happen to really love football, I thought it would appropriate to delve into the world of NFL injuries. Maybe I can shed some light on the terms that coaches and media use when addressing their limping MVPs. Want to know about the severity of Robert Griffin III’s injury? Or how long it will keep him on the sidelines? Or what type of rehab he’ll be going through? That’s what I’m here for!

Here’s another fun fact about myself: I absolutely love Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheets are things of beauty. I did some quick number crunching with my BFF, Excel, and came up with some interesting stats for you to digest. Since the opening kickoff on September 4…

89 = Number of athletes who have been injured and knocked out of a game.

19 = Number of athletes placed on the injured reserve (IR) and are out for the season.

59.44 = Combined salary (in millions) of athletes on IR.

4 = Number of teams unaffected by injury.

A whopping 89 injuries in the first two weeks of the season (excluding this current week). And these numbers don’t  include all the players that were injured before the season started! That means anyone hurt during voluntary offseason workouts in May and preseason training camps and games in August were not accounted for in these stats. Go check out “Hard Knocks” which is a HBO documentary series that follows an NFL team in their preseason. This will give you a true appreciation for the hard work and hard hitting that is required to survive in this league.

So now here we are in the middle of week 3. What are going to be the big NFL headlines on Tuesday morning? Hopefully, we don’t have to examine too many severe injuries together next week!

Bw8hKuCCEAAaDBM.jpg_large– Chris (aka a crabby Titans fan)


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