Follow-up Friday #16!

IMG_8104Before Christmas, our girl Olivia was at a stunning 139o. So did Santa bring Olivia a bunch of coal? Or did she get her full range of motion?!

Flexion = 140°

Clearly, Olivia was on Santa’s nice list because she has finally achieve complete range of motion in her knee!

Pause and rewind! Let’s take a look at some of Olivia’s wonderful milestones and highlights:

  • July 4, 2014: Olivia’s initial injury when she tore her patellar tendon.
  • July 6: Olivia has surgery to repair her ruptured patellar tendon.
  • July 25: Olivia crutches into her first day at physical therapy. Her knee measures 5o.
  • August 22: Olivia agrees to become a celebrity and have the life of her knee documented in the coolest blog in Edmonton. The first follow-up Friday was born! Her knee measures 68o.
  • August 23: Olivia becomes an overnight sensation and is the talk of the town.
  • September 26: Olivia marches into physio sans limp. Bye bye crutches and gansta walk! Her knee measures 106o.
  • November 7: Olivia’s strength continues to grow and she’s now capable of doing unilateral exercises. That means forward-backward lunges and one leg deadlifts galore! Her knee measures 131o.
  • December 1: Olivia writes to Santa and asks for one more degree of knee flexion for Christmas.
  • December 19: Olivia’s exercises are progressed from strengthening to plyometrics. Speed skaters and jump squats are the new black! Her knee measures 139o.tuck_jump
  • December 25: Santa decides Olivia is on the nice list and delivers the best Christmas present ever.
  • January 9, 2015: Olivia has complete range of motion in her knee! We all rejoice!
  • January 10: Olivia throws a party to celebrate the greatness of rehab! She asks her beloved physical therapist to be the emcee. Everyone has the best time of their life as we dance to Monica & Brandy’s “The Boy is Mine” and other glorious 90s hits.
  • January 11: We all wake up a little sluggish and slightly hungover.

Party hard and dance on, Olivia! You deserve it after 168 days of hard work. Ooh ooooh!

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