Falcons lose 3 offensive linemen to injury in NFL week 4

We have officially hit the quarter mark in the NFL season! Another week has seen more players pick up some knocks which has probably spoiled a lot of people’s fantasy football teams. Week 4 by the numbers:

27 = Number of players who missed game time due to injury.

7 = Number of offensive linemen injured.

3 = Number of players placed on season-ending IR.

16 = Average number of players on a team’s current injury list.

For those who are not familiar with football, the offensive line consists of 5 big, husky guys who operate to protect the quarterback. To give you an idea of just how big these dudes are: the three linemen who were injured on the Atlanta Falcons weigh a combined 961 lbs! That is how much a hammerhead shark weighs!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 2.54.50 PMIn just one game, the Falcons lost Justin Blalock (left guard), Joe Hawley (center), and Lamar Holmes (right tackle) to injury! To rub salt in the wound, they had to place Hawley (ACL tear) and Holmes (undisclosed foot injury) on IR. Ouch! You might call this a string of bad luck but I have to wonder if any of these injuries could have been preventable.

Now, pretend you’re Matt Ryan, the Falcons (good looking) quarterback, and there are a bunch of muscular dudes on the other side of the line of scrimmage whose one goal in life is to sack you. Would you rather a) have 5/5 of your protectors or b) have 2/5 of your protectors? I’m no math genius but I think option a) sounds better! Good luck in week 5, Matt (and Falcon running backs)!

– Chris

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