Who is this crazy lady?

Last week, one of my patients asked me, “Why aren’t you on the internet?”

“I have Twitter! And Instagram!”

“Yeah but why don’t you have a blog?”

Well, frankly, blogs are intimidating! Everything you post is out there for anyone to read while watching American Ninja Warrior. But I’ve decided to conquer this fear because I want to start spreading the word about my awesome job so… Here goes nothing!

2240_559260945625_4433_nMy name is Christina Le and I’m a physiotherapist in Edmonton. Contrary to popular belief, I am not Batman. Sorry to disappoint. However, I was born and raised in the City of Champions. Throughout my youth, my parents put me in a bunch of sports. Eventually, my passion for soccer outgrew all the others and I began pursuing it more competitively. The first time I sprained my ankle in soccer, my mom immediately booked me an appointment with a “physio”. I didn’t know what to expect but was kindly introduced to a man named Chris. He asked me a bunch of questions, poked and prodded my swollen ankle, and showed me some exercises to try at home. Miraculously, I was able to return to training a few weeks later!

You could call this glimpse into the world of rehab my life’s TSN Turning Point. I went on to complete my Bachelors in Kinesiology and Masters in Physical Therapy while playing varsity soccer at the University of Alberta. My seven years spent on campus were challenging but also insanely fun.

pandas side nettingIn 2011, I put my big girl pants on and found a job at a private practice in the south side. After a few years of waking up at 6am, occasionally sleeping in, working hard, hardly working, and starting this blog, I decided it was time for change.

I took a new job at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic in June 2015. Since then, I’ve slept in. Every. Single. Day. Let me tell you, starting at 1pm is the life folks! Coolest part of my new gig? I’ve been given a role in the multidisciplinary knee injury clinic. That means I get to work with sport medicine physicians and orthopedic surgeons. What what! Multidisciplinary teams for the win!

The reason I decided to start this blog is not to converse with other physios about new and profound ways to treat injuries. I’m leaving that to the experts!

hvpt_029The intention of this blog is to reach out to you, the general public, and provide you with some insight into physical therapy. Maybe you work an 8-4 office job and you get occasional neck pain. Maybe you go to the gym three times per week and your knee hurts after a few squats. Well, office guy and gym girl, I want to help you out!

My goal is to teach you a few tips and show you some key exercises to get rid of those nagging problems for once and for all. I think I have the coolest job in the world and I want to share my knowledge with all of you!

So, let’s get this show on the road!

– Chris

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